MAC events for the current semester below:

Spring 2014
Jan. 16th (TH): Meeting 01 – Striking Training (part-1): Fist & Palms drills.

Jan. 20th (MO): MLK Holiday – No class!

Jan. 21st (TU): Meeting 02 – Striking Training (part-2): Elbows & Hammer drills.

Jan. 22nd (WE): President meeting at 8pm at the REC conference room w/ David Broadstone.

Jan. 23rd (TH): Meeting 03 – Striking Training (part-3): Knees & Kicks drills.

Jan. 28th (TU): Meeting 04 – Striking Training (part-4): Blending drills.

Jan 30th (TH): Meeting 05 – Defense Training: Destructive & Passing drills.

Feb. 04th (TU): Meeting 06 – Level Changing Training.

Feb. 06th (TH): Meeting 07 – Closing Distance Training.

Feb. 11th (TU): Meeting 08 – Grab a weapon or Injured? One-arm Defense & Offense Training.

Feb. 13th (TH): Meeting 09 – Knife Training (O&D) & Gun Training (D).

Feb. 18th (TU): Meeting 10 – Back Against the Wall Fighting & Tight Corners.

Feb. 20th (TH): MAC booth at the NIRSA Day at the REC from 2pm-5:30pm.

Feb. 20th (TH): Meeting 11 – The Clinch & Pull-ins (P&S).

Feb. 25th (TU): Food Drive! Drop-off food or cash donations during any meeting till March 6th.

Feb. 25th (TU): Meeting 12 – Lock & Controls (wrist, arm & shoulders).

Feb. 27th (TH): Meeting 13 – Removing balance & center (takedowns & push)

Mar. 04th (TU): Meeting 14 – Improvised Weapons.

Mar. 06th (TH): Meeting 15 – Guest Instructor Matt: BJJ special workshop!

Mar. 10th-14th: Spring Break – No class.

Mar. 18th (TU): Meeting 16 – Stress Training (part-1): Blind Grabs.

Mar. 20th (TH): Meeting 17 – Stress Training (part-2): Multiple Attackers.

Mar. 25th (TU): Meeting 18 – Car & Seated Attacks.

Mar. 27th (TH): Meeting 19 – Recovery Fighting.

Apr. 01st (TU): Meeting 20 – Guest Instructor Bruce: Muay Thai special workshop!

Apr. 03rd (TH): Meeting 21 – Improvement Training (part-1): Timing.

Apr. 08th (TU): Meeting 22 – Improvement Training (part-2): Explosive Power.

Apr. 10th (TH): Meeting 23 – Guest Instructor Kruu Rick: JKD/Wing Chun Connection.

Apr. 15th (TU): Meeting 24 - Removing the gap between the Defense & Offense response. Land your D&O tools at the same time, not 1 then 2, but one!

Apr. 17th (TH): Meeting 25 – Semester Blending (part-1): Flowing combos that include Destructive blocks, to Level changes, to Head control with Human application.

Apr. 22nd (TU): Meeting 26 – Semester Blending (part-2): Flowing combos that include Closing the distance, to Pin/Traps, to Clinching with Human application.

Apr. 24th (TH): Meeting 27 – Semester Blending (part 3): Flowing combos that include Distraction strike, to Locks (arm, wrist, finger), to Balance removal with Human application.

Apr. 29th (TU): Meeting 28 - Last MAC meeting of the semester – Semester Blending (part 4): Human application review is over, now onto Heavy bag & Target review as we test & tweak your strikes & kicks at full power/full contact!

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