Everything you need to know below:
Recreation Center, in the Aerobics Room (2nd Floor) on the MTSU campus.

Every Tuesday and Thursday during the Spring and Fall semesters for students, faculty, staff and alumni of MTSU.

8pm-9:15pm (Group Training: Warm-up & Workshop)
9:15pm-10:30pm (Open Training: Sparring, Rolling, MA-weapons, Heavy bag, Etc.)

– $20 (semester cost) for 2 days and up to 5 hours of training a week for over 3 months (that’s 70+ hrs)!  First night of training is FREE!!

– 25 to 50% discount (up to) from CENTURY training supplies (for personal gear, equipment, attire, etc)!
– Free Weekly Book and Video Rental from our Media Library!
– Access to over $5,000 worth of equipment & gear (plus space) for your training needs
– Access to others that share your interest in martial arts & self-defense from various styles & systems, and levels of experience.