Everything you need to know below:
Recreation Center, in the Aerobics Room (2nd Floor) on the MTSU campus.

Every Tuesday and Thursday during the Spring and Fall semesters for students, faculty, staff and alumni of MTSU.

8pm-9:15pm (Group Training: Set-up, Warm-up and Workshop)
9:15pm-10:30pm (Open Training: Sparring, Rolling, MA-weapons, Heavy bag, Etc and Put-away)

First night of training is FREE!
– $20 a semester. This includes, 2 days a week (5 hrs total) for over 3 months (70+ hrs).

– 25 to 50% discount from CENTURY training supplies (for personal gear, equipment, attire, and more)!
– Free Weekly Book and Video Rental from our Media Library!
– Access to over $5,000 worth of equipment & gear (plus space) for your training needs.
– Access to others that share your interest in martial arts & self-defense from various styles & systems, and levels of experience.

– Pants = Any.
– Shoes = Barefoot or Any shoes that does not mark the gym floor.
– Shirts = Any.
– Belts = None. MAC welcomes all styles to train with us but since some styles do not use belt rank (such as kickboxing, krav maga, etc), and other styles rank belts in different order (green belt in one style is 3rd rank, where another styles it is 4th and so on), we just take belts out of the equation, and just show up to train, share & learn!