I. Our Equipment Library contains several types of heavy bags, mats, targets, weapons, sparring gear, stretching tools and more! This equipment is only available for training during MAC meetings.
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II. Our Media Library contains several books and videos that active members can rent (one a week) for free, to expand their knowledge on the different styles and combat systems located all around the world.

V52 – Boxing
V53 – Capoeria
V56 – Rape Awareness
V57 – 12-Shoots
V58 – Sambo/submission
V59 – Sambo/takedowns
V60 – Sambo/escape
V61 – Sambo/sf
V62 – Army#3
V63 – Complete Judo (MS)
V64 – Boxing for Women
V65 – Combat Aikido (1of5)
V66 – Randy Couture: FS (1of6)
V67 – Pat Milletich: FS (1of6)
V68 – Frank Shamrock: FS (1of6)
V69 – Frank Shamrock: Tips
V70 – Frank Shamrock: AS (1of4)
V71 – Capoeira (capd-003)
V72 – Authentic Pressure points (Rogers vol. 1)
V73 – Special Operation Combatives, vol. 2: Closing w/ enemy
V74 – Special Operation Combatives, vol. 6: Special Forces
V75 – Practical Aikido, vol. 2: Basic Aikido II
V76 – Practical Aikido, vol. 3: Intermediate Aikido I
V77 – Practical Aikido, vol. 4: Intermediate Aikido II
V78 – Practical Aikido, vol. 4: Advanced Aikido I
V79 – Performances of the Roda
V80 – Grupo Axé Capoeria, vol 3: Intermediate lv. Training
V81 – MMA Uncaged BJJ, vol. 1: Guard Top
V82 -MMA Uncaged BJJ, vol. 3: Escape for Bottom
V83 – MMA Uncaged Muay Thai, vol. 5: Combinations and counters
V84 – MMA Uncaged Jeet Kune Do, vol. 3: Tools & Techniques
V85 – MMA Uncaged Jeet Kune Do, Vol. 4: Bringing it all Together
V86 – MMA Uncaged Wing Chun, vol. 2: Punches and Approaches
V87 – MMA Uncaged Wing Chun, vol. 3: Trapping
V88 – Traditional Tang Soo Do forms, vol 2: High Green-Black
V89 – Advanced Bo Fighting, vol. 1
V90 – Iai-Do: Advanced Traditional Sword, vol. 2: Sho-Den
V91 – Silat: For street Self Defense, vol. 5: Cont. Explosive Striking
V92 – The Pit Workout
V93 – Doce Pares Eskrima, vol. 1: Basic Single Stick
V94 – Tae Kwon Do Forms, vol. 1
V95 – Tae Kwon Do Forms, vol. 2
V96 – Power of the Sword
V97 – Samurai Hanbo Jutsu, vol. 1
V98 – Samurai Hanbo Jutsu, vol. 2
V99 – Samurai Hanbo Jutsu, vol. 4
V100 – Wushu: Drunkard Boxing (WUSHUD-005)
V101 – Muay Thai: Fight & Training (THAID-001)
V102 – Mauy Thai: Kickboxing History (THAID-002)
V103 – Isshin Ryu: Karate Katas V1 (ISHINDV-002)
V104 – Wing chun: Chum Kiu Form (WCDV-003)
V105 – Weapons of the Orient: Sai V1 (SD-001)
V106 – Capoeira, Vol. 2
V107 – Capoeira, Vol. 4
V108 – Capoeira, Vol. 5
V109 – Capoeira, Vol. 6
V110 – Capoeira, Vol. 7
V111 – Capoeira, Vol. 8
V112 – Grupo Axé Capoeira, Vol. 13
V113 – Marcel Jones Rock Solid: Tricking (Vol. 1 & 2)

B01 – The Book of 5 Rings -M. Musashi
B02 – Fighter’s Facts Book
B03 – Tao of Jeet Kune Do – Bruce Lee
B04 – Teaching Martial Arts
B05 – Ki Gong: Science of Internal Energy
B06 – Ultimate Flexibility by Sang H. Kim
B07 – Arm-lock Encyclopedia by Steve Scott
B08 – The Art of War by Sun Tzu
B09 – Small Circle Jujitsu
B10 – Speed Training
B11 – Stretching
B12 – A Road That Anyone Can Walk